I’m currently hosting workshops all around the world. I also taught in ESCAC (Catalan Superior Film School) for the Master Degree in Cinematography, and gave masterclasses for other Universities in Spain.

Below you can find a list of my upcoming engagements.
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DJANGO SIBLEY | LA, California @hullisbeautiful

As well as being an extraordinary artist, Cayetano is a talented instructor.  His workshop was very well organized, packed with useful information regarding the technical process of creating beautiful portraits using natural light, as well as with the less tangible, artistic components of that process.  The opportunity to shoot during the class, and to receive immediate feedback and advice from Cayetano, was tremendously valuable.  Attending the workshop was the most useful and important single step I have taken in my own development as a photographer since I first bought a camera.  I now draw upon the lessons I learned from the workshop every time I shoot.

CHRONONAUT | Belgrade, Serbia @chrono_nauts

Learning from Cayetano and working with him was a pleasure and a great experience. His warm and easy-going character in combination with professionalism, in depth knowledge of the craft, attention to details and subtleties, and the willingness to truly share. The workshop itself is conceived in such a way that it successfully gives an overview of his approach and manages to go deeper into several crucial aspects – a great balance between theory and practice, surely useful for both, beginners and professional photographers.

MICHELE CASAGRANDE | Milan, Italy @emmecasagrande

Being deeply attracted by Cayetano’s strong visual aesthetic, I enrolled in one of his workshops as soon as I had the opportunity. I was more than delighted by the whole experience!
His great knowledge of the subject plus a solid passion for natural light and teaching made it a tremendous mix for letting me learn a lot. He reviewed all the aspects related to a photo shoot giving me the chance to grow enormously as a photographer. Moreover having him by my side while shooting has been definitely a strong added value to the whole experience.
I warmly recommend one of his workshops if you want to improve the way you look at natural light and step up as a visual content creator.

MARWAN ABDEL | Sofia, Bulgaria @marwanabdelalim

As a seasoned photographer and photography instructor myself, I signed up for Cayetano’s workshop hoping to get inspired by being exposed to a fresh experience with a photographer whom I really admire his work… But I have to say, I left with a lot more; I learned much more about the importance of styling in photography. I also learned more about color theory and how to use it to improve my overall visual art. Boosted my confidence in dealing with natural light, Improved my post-production skills, not only that, It changed how I see and deal with the digital darkroom altogether. This workshop definitely impacted my photographic fingerprint and style, I’d definitely recommend it for everyone who wants to take their lighting and photography skills to the next level.

MARKO GRACIN | Croatia @markogracin

After a few years in wedding and portrait photography, my work started to be a bit repetitive so I ended up looking for more inspiration. I was following Cayetano for some time by then so when I found out he was holding a workshop in a country nearby, I couldn’t miss it.
Not only I was inspired but I learned how to shape the light and create art from start to finish instead of just shooting photos and putting a preset on them. I’m so much more proud of my work now than I was ever before!

OMAIMA ALSHAREEF | Jeedah, Saudi Arabia. @omi_photography

It was one of the best workshops I have attended, I can’t put in to words how much I’ve learnt… It really is all about light, understanding it and comprehending Its behavior! It changed my way of approaching photography. One of the most useful advices I take from the workshop was moving around the subject before taking any pictures, as well as checking the light and shadows. Overall it was an amazing workshop, I hope that I can attend one of his workshops in the future!

AINHARA DOMÍNGUEZ | Barcelona, Spain. @ainharadominguez

Cayetano knew exactly how to combine theory with practice along the workshop. He tought us different photographic techniques in a very comfortable way, always giving examples and making it easy. He also showed us valuable lighting situations that later on I applied as a fashion photographer. During the photo shoot he was always attentive and correcting if necessary, this instant feedback helped me out a lot. During the editing part, I learned a lot about light and color grading. I think he is a great professional, I definitely recommend him to anyone that is willing to improve their skills and technique in photography.

YASMINE HATIMI | Casablanca, Morocco @yamsine9

An incredible workshop that puts together the technical and philosophical aspects of photography and natural light. Thanks to a better understanding of photography we can create the exact images we wanted to achieve. During the workshop we were able to transfer and apply all the theory to a photo shoot, solving out all our doubts in a cozy way while surrounded by a wonderful energy.

ZIAD KHOURY | Cleveland, Ohio @ziad_khoury_

One of the most artistically fulfilling experiences I have ever had. Beside Cayetano’s work, I find his philosophy of photography is very inspiring. I also loved his approach of explaining important concepts not only through photography perspective , but also through the perspective of a bigger picture that includes cinematography and painting. Personally, what I learned at Caye’s workshop really helped me to get to the next level and start seeing photography and light from a broader view, and I’m looking forward to participate in the upcoming workshops and learn more from him.

ROBIN KNUTH | Stuttgart, Germany @lifeofrobin_

Caye’s workshop was so much more than what I originally had anticipated. Not only is he an incredibly talented artist, whose work I have followed for a long time on Instagram, but he is also a great instructor who has given a tremendous amount of insights into photography, working with natural light and so much more. Although it was an online workshop, it felt like sitting in a classroom together.  Moreover, he showed us that photography is not only about the technical aspects, but that it is a symbiosis of many aspects, which all have to be considered. Every decision that you make has an impact on your storytelling and the perception of how people will view your photographs. Caye succeeded in raising my awareness of all those aspects. Personally, I absorbed all the knowledge and can’t wait to apply it.