My workshops are focused on both professional and beginner photographers. We will learn how to observe and understand natural light in order to achieve it’s best potential and enhance our final image.


Our first minutes in class will be to get to know each other, see what our goals in photography are and what does photography truly means for each of us.

2.What is natural light? Mood and 3D-depth.

We will see some examples from various artists (photographers, dp’s, painters..). We will examine and look into their different techniques, and how they used them to help them achieve their goals.
We will then learn how to build images in order to create a 3D illusion out of a 2D photo.

3.Exposing correctly with natural light. Latitude and light capturing.

In this section we will explore our camera possibilities, as far as their virtues and weaknesses, getting the most out of them. We will look at the different value scales, and learn how to set a low or high key even before taking a picture.

4.Photo editing. Reality vs. photography.

Before diving into editing, It’s crucial to understand the difference between reality and photography. We will learn the basics of how a camera captures the light and processes that information until reaching the final delivery of the image. Once we learn how this works we will interpret this information and tweak it for our own advantage.


We will look at the differences between psychological composition, balanced and traditional, then use them in combination for our own purposes.

6.1 Photo shoot.

The best way of learning how light works is by observing it, by understanding it’s behavior. We will redirect it and learn how to manipulate it for our own desire. This is a building process, we will learn how to rearrange the set, how and where to position the model and even ourselves in order to get the best results.

6.2 Photo shoot: Students.

Students will now put in practice what they’ve learnt, we will solve issues and learn how to optimize a portrait shoot.

7. Editing.

This is not only about what you do, It’s about how you do it. I’ll show my own workflow, not only while downloading and organizing, but also while editing. We will also see some color correcting techniques applied on the images we just took.

8. Students. Q&A.

This section will be focused on the reviews of photos taken by our students. We will all participate and give our opinions about the works shown. After this we will sort out any doubts about photography in general.